What's new in the Flower & Vegetable Seeds range

Below are the new varieties in the Mr Fothergill's seeds range for this season.





     Bellflower     Corn Chamomile      Corn Marigold

           Belflower                                     Corn Camomile                               Corn Marigold   

             Also Known as                             Easy to grow and lightly                      Easy to grow but rare   
'Bats-in-the-Belfry'                                    aromatic                                          in the wild    


    Forget Me Not (Field)         Mallow (Musk)     Scabious

                          Forget Me Not (Field)                            Mallow (Musk)                                   Scabious   

   Charming flowers, celebrated            Large and exotic looking blooms               Large and attractive         
            in folklore                                                                                              'pincushion' flowers  


     Sea Campion       Wild Carrot       Yellow Rattle

    Sea Campion                                     Wild Carrot                                  Yellow Rattle   

  Creates an evergreen carpet,                    A great cut flower,                 Known for its benefical role
               awash with flowers                         attractive to pollinators           in establishing wildflower meadows


    Alyssum Aphrodite Mixed       Calendula Bull's Eye       Clary Blue Monday

        Alyssum Aphrodite Mixed                   Calendula Bull's Eye                      Clary Blue Monday          

       Extra compact and richly                   Uniquely shaped pompon             Stringly colourful, unususll    
             coloured                                             flowers                                        large bracts        


    Nigella Black Caraway      Sweet Pea Nightingale       Nasturtium Baby Orange

         Nigella Black Caraway                  Sweet Pea Nightingale                   Nasturtium Baby Orange   

Grow for flowers, decorative            Named to honour our healthare             Compact neat plants with
pods and seed crop                                     workers                                         bold flowers   


    Mint Applemint      Beetroot Kornett       Zinnia Peaches & Cream Mixed

                Mint Applemint                             Beetroot Kornett                  Zinnia Peaches & Cream Mixed 

        Spearmint with distinctly fruity            Productive and dependable,             Long flowering, large crested
flavour                                    ideal for baby beets                                    blooms


    Kale Amara         Onion De Paris (Silverskin)          Soya Bean Fiskeby

              Kale Amara                        Onion De Paris (Silverskin)                   Soya Bean Fiskeby    

          Tender and mild tasting                Mild and sweet classic small                Versatile bean, bred for the
                  'Texsel Greens'                                       onion                                         cooler UK climate           



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