What's new in the Flower & Vegetable Seeds range

Below are the new varieties in the Mr Fothergill's seeds range for the 2022 season.


AGASTACHE Astello Indigo 
Bushy, compact plants with a mass of dense flowering spikes. 

COREOPSIS Incredible! Swirl 
Easy to grow, lovely for cutting. 

COSMOS Apricotta 
Unusually coloured, compact variety. 

Dramatic heads and leaves provide interest all year. Also known as 'Blue Eryngo' tolerant of dry soils. 

HELICHRYSUM Strawflower Mix 
Easy to grow 'everlasting' flowers for bright displays. Tall stems and a wide range of colours, ideal for cutting.

POPPY Black Swan 
Highly unusual, a perfect filler for flower borders. 

RUDBECKIA Amplexicaulis 
Chraming, easy and long flowering. Also known as 'Clasping Cone Flowers'.

SILENE Sibella Mix (Trailing) 
Spreading plants, for carpet bedding or containers.

SWEET PEA Primrose - Exclusive to Mr Fothergill's
Lovely, unusual pale yellow colour.

TRACHELIUM White Knight 
Elegant, with lightly scented, dome shaped flower heads. 

BASIL Dolce Vita - Exclusive to Mr Fothergill's 
Extra fragrant, large tender leaves.

BROCCOLI (Sprouting) White Sprouting Burbank 
British bred for high yields of tender succulent spears. 

CARROT Nerac F1 
A 'James Scarlet Intermediate' type. High quality, broad tapering roots. reliable, productive and tasty, stores well.

LEEK Autora F1 
Non-bulbing with a delicious mild flavour. Rust resistant, high yeidls with low waste. 

TOMATO Consuelo F1 
A large sweet cherry type with good disease resistance. 

TOMATO Merrygold F1
The first orange variety with blight resistance. 

TOMATO Supersteak F1 
A high quality 'Beefsteak' variety. Full flavoured, fleshy fruit - up to 500g each!

PEA (Snap) Sugar Sprint 
Vigorous, mildew resistant plants. 










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