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For faster germination and better end results

Optigrow® is a non-chemical seed priming treatment for the hobby gardener giving...

• Quicker germination

• More vigorous seedlings

• Long shelf life

• Stronger weed competition

• More uniform crops

• Greater chance of success

• Better end results

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Optigrow – “The most exciting development for home gardeners since the introduction of F1 hybrids”

The Optigrow® range represents the most exciting development for the seed market in decades, speeding up germination and bringing a host of other benefits to the home gardener that were previously only available to professional growers.

The range utilises a revolutionary seed priming treatment to bring genuine and valuable performance benefits to 20 of the most popular Mr Fothergill’s vegetable seed varieties. The process is so different from traditional priming methods we prefer to call it ‘vitalisation’.

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Mr Fothergill’s Optigrow range has a RRP from £1.75 to £3.59

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