Lawn Seed

Lawn Seed

Whether sowing a new lawn or repairing bald patches in an established one, your customers have always been sure of the highest quality lawn seed Mr. Fothergill's. 

Our range has seven mixes to suit every situation around the garden and is available in pre-packed cartons in 250g, 500g, 1.25kg and 1.5kg sizes, and bulk bags in 10kg and 20kg sizes.

All-Round Lawn

All-Round Lawn Grass Seed

A special blend of fine leafed ryegrass, chewings fescue and creeping red fescue. It produces an excellent all-round lawn, combining fine, rich appearance with good wear tolerance.

Available in 500g and 1.5kg cartons, 10kg and 20kg bulk bags.

Shady Lawn

Shady Lawn Grass Seed

A carefully selected blend of non ryegrasses that produce lawns able to tolerate drought conditions and areas of shade. This blend is particularly suited to areas such as under trees and beside fences where light levels are low and there is limited moisture. Shady contains fescues, meadow grasses and bents. Available in 500g cartons, 10kg and 20kg bulk bags.

Show Lawn

Show Lawn Grass Seed

This blend of fine leafed grasses includes chewings fescue, strong creeping red fescue and browntop bentgrass to produce a fine, ornamental lawn. Ideally suited for close mowing and decorative areas of low wear. Available in 250g Patch Pack carton, 500g & 1.5kg cartons, and 10kg & 20kg Bulk Bags.

Tough Lawn

Tough Lawn Grass Seed

A value for money blend that is quick growing and suitable for areas of heavy wear such as play lawns and paths. Tough Lawn contains a mix of ryegrass and fescue. Available in 250g Patch Pack carton, 500g & 1.5kg cartons, 5kg block bottom bag and 10kg & 20kg bulk bags.

Quick Lawn

Quick Lawn Grass Seed

A premium blend of ryegrasses and fescues specially selected to provide your customers with a rich, green lawn that is fast establishing but slow growing for easy maintenance. In striking packaging, Quick Lawn is designed to stand out and improve sales of lawn seed. Quick Lawn contains the biostimulant Accelerator. Accelerator is a child and pet freindly coating that gets this blend of grass seed off to a flying start delivering 38% more grass in the first 7 days compaired to untreated seed.

Patch Repair Packs

Patch Repair With Rye GrassPatch Repair Without Rye Grass

For small areas of the lawn that need over seeding we have two options of 250g Patch Repair pack. Either a blend with perennial ryegrass fo general lawns or without for fine ornamental lawns


Lawn seed sacks 

lawn seed sack

All our lawn grass seed mixes are available in either 10kg or 20kg bulk bags. Each bulk back is supplied with free paper bags for you customers to weigh their seed into.

Lawn Grass Seed Displays

Tough Lawn DisplayAll-Round Lawn Seed Display

For hi-impact displays there are two bulk dressed pallets available for our 500g carton size. For Tough Lawn or and All-Round Lawn.

Capacity: 96 x 500g

Dimensions: Height = 1500mm (including header card) Width = 600mm Depth = 400mm



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