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Mr Fothergill's was established in 1978. Since then we have grown from humble beginnings to become one of the Europe's biggest suppliers of seeds to the hobby garden market and now trades with many countries around the world. Despite this success Mr Fothergill's remains British owned and run by Managing Director, David Carey whose father was one of the two founders. The values that have helped to bring success for our customers are as relevant now as they have ever been. More than ever, we are focused on ensuring our expertise in the specialist world of garden seeds means that we ensure you get the best possible results from your retail sales.



We are focused on seeds, that's our expertise

  • We know you will only get the best sales if we supply the right products at the right time
  • We have a knowledgeable, dedicated salesforce supported by a large merchandising team

seed packing machine


Quality is of the utmost importance to us

  • We have an on-site working trial ground for testing and developing plants in amateur growing conditions
  • All seed is tested in our own labs to ensure our high purity and germination
     standards - always above any demanded by statutory regulations



No other company offers such a wide range of seeds for the garden retailer

  • We have two main seed brand, third ‘budget' brand and a wide selection of other themed ranges
  • Our full retail range offers over 1900 varieties

Trial Ground


Every year we look to introduce new varieties
  • Mr Fothergill's is pioneering in bringing new ideas to market such as seed counts on packets, wild flower seeds and foil packing
  • We use the latest technology to respond quickly and accurately to every demand


Mr Fothergill's has pioneered many ideas over the years which have become industry norms.


We were the first to:

•Display contents on packets

•Introduce pictorial wildflower packets

•Launch seed collection pack ranges

•Actively encourage promotion through special packs, giveaways and price offers

•Introduce ranges specifically for children.


We are still operating from where we started in Suffolk just outside of Newmarket. Our factory site incorporates our offices, storage and packing facilities as well as a working trial ground where we test and evaluate new and existing product lines.

Alongside our retail division we have thriving Export, Mail Order and Promotional divisions.


Order Hotline - 01638 554111
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